Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've decided that my blog can't just be about music so it's just whatever I want it to be now.

Starting with this blog.
I hope everyone knows about Newegg. Because if you are going to buy a computer, computer parts, or any electronics, this is the place to go. They have almost every computer part on the market. Lower prices compared to everyone else. They have wonderful customer support. They have a combo section to save even more money. A lot of products have free shipping and they have sales year round. I will never buy computer parts from any other store. Newegg show all the specs you could ever need. From dimensions to clock speeds to number of shader processors. They also have numerous reviews for almost every product they sell, which comes in handy when you need to decide between two products.

I definitely recommend Newegg for all your computer needs. Even if you don't now how to build computers they sell whole computers and sets with displays, speakers, games, and etc. This place is wonderful.

P.S. MAC'S SUCK and alienware is overpriced and has gone down ever since dell started fucking with it. Oh yeah and MAC's SUCK!!


  1. newegg? for some reason i saw newfag lol. Happy blogging.

  2. i agree with you on macs sucking

  3. Newegg does have some good prices. Also do not buy pre-built computers you can find a tutorial on how to build a $1300 computer for like $600.

  4. you guys all suck. my iMac works just fine for whatever i need to do