Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vinesauce Vidya

Vinesauce Vidya
I came across this site/stream when people were fucking with Reverend Billy's phone service. You know "Put the twinty tin in the meal barol." So yeah they troll sometimes, but mostly they play and stream games. They have paranomal/ghost story around a campfire every Wednesday night. They like playing older games i've never seen or heard of.

They Stream ALL THE TIME. They have a close group of people that take over the stream to keep it active.
But when no one is streaming it goes on autopilot and plays funny videos they choose.

Visitors chat through Chatango and high up member get to voice chat through the stream via Skype. Its a fun place if you like video games A LOT or if you are bored.

Epic Wallpapers

I've dumped about 170 wallpapers and letting you guys have em. Don't forget to click on the full size image after it pop up
here is the Gallery and here are some samples


My friend showed me this website call Grooveshark a couple of days ago. Its a flash based music site streaming mp3s. Its easy to find what you want. It has all the songs YouTube doesn't have. A lot of indie band post up there whole albums.

Best of all its free to listen to. It will NEVER ask you to pay for anything except the song itself if you want to buy it, but you can still play the whole song on repeat forever without it stopping you or asking you to pay.

You can create playlists, favorite songs, and friend other people and see what they listen to.

I've decided that my blog can't just be about music so it's just whatever I want it to be now.

Starting with this blog.
I hope everyone knows about Newegg. Because if you are going to buy a computer, computer parts, or any electronics, this is the place to go. They have almost every computer part on the market. Lower prices compared to everyone else. They have wonderful customer support. They have a combo section to save even more money. A lot of products have free shipping and they have sales year round. I will never buy computer parts from any other store. Newegg show all the specs you could ever need. From dimensions to clock speeds to number of shader processors. They also have numerous reviews for almost every product they sell, which comes in handy when you need to decide between two products.

I definitely recommend Newegg for all your computer needs. Even if you don't now how to build computers they sell whole computers and sets with displays, speakers, games, and etc. This place is wonderful.

P.S. MAC'S SUCK and alienware is overpriced and has gone down ever since dell started fucking with it. Oh yeah and MAC's SUCK!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I would like to start my blog off with Animal Collective. This band is simply amazing. At first I didn't get their music but after hearing it a couple of times you get hooked and can't rate a lot of music with it. All the sounds are so random and you feel like a child again. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is fun to dance to too.
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