Sunday, August 29, 2010


My friend showed me this website call Grooveshark a couple of days ago. Its a flash based music site streaming mp3s. Its easy to find what you want. It has all the songs YouTube doesn't have. A lot of indie band post up there whole albums.

Best of all its free to listen to. It will NEVER ask you to pay for anything except the song itself if you want to buy it, but you can still play the whole song on repeat forever without it stopping you or asking you to pay.

You can create playlists, favorite songs, and friend other people and see what they listen to.


  1. I am a fan of Grooveshark

    hit me up, I follow the EPL and what is left of the MLS with short comments about the games.

  2. I used grooveshark once or twice. I'm more of a fan of Fruityloops in the case of looping stuff. But hey, simplicity and easiness are key. Good stuff. If you're into pop punk, check out my stuff.

  3. ^^ Haha, whoops, I was thinking of a completely different Site. But in the case of Grooveshark, I'm more of a fan of Pandora Radio.

  4. I love grooveshark, that place is awesome.